Huayi organises internal GMP, Safety and Environmental Knowledge Contest

We kicked off our GMP, Safety and Environmental Knowledge Contest in July for our junior staff. Hosted by an energetic member of staff, our 6 confident teams participated in quick-fire rounds of quizzes. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the contest!

Senior team members answering the questions confidently.

Strong audience participation as the competition gets heated. We set the teams against one participating member of the audience for a hidden round of questions.

After three rounds of fierce competition, our Rookie team was announced as the runner-up.

Ending in laughter, the GMP, Safety and Environmental Knowledge Competition ended successfully. Through this competition, we deepened and consolidated basic GMP knowledge as well as safety and environmental protection facts with our team members, from the youngest to the most senior.

Continuous learning and professional development are incredibly important for us at Huayi. In a rapidly-changing world, only by investing and developing in our core team members can we stand out as a company on the world stage.