Huayi has been taking strictly prevention actions against Covid-19 to resume production and guarantee medicine supply

From the outbreak of covid-19 in China to its effective control, Huayi has been paying close attention to and strictly following the national provisions on epidemic prevention:

On January 28, 2020, the chairman of the board led the establishment of the “Huayi Epidemic Prevention Working Group” and serves as the group leader, leading the epidemic prevention work of the company and making full preparations for the resumption of work and production.

On February 3, we started to implement the policy that health status and travel information of staff shall be reported on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, we actively prepared epidemic prevention materials (masks, body temperature guns, disinfectant, special recycling bins for masks, etc.).

On February 8, the first edition of the company’s instructions on epidemic prevention was compiled;

On February 9, the application for resuming work was approved.

February 10, we resumed work officially, with resumption of work rate of 80%.

After the resumption of work, we speed up production, as well as strictly carry out epidemic prevention work, i.e. daily temperature measurement and staff health status report twice a day.