Official Launch of the Oral Liquid Preparation Workshop

On July 14, 2020, the Oral Liquid Preparation Workshop, i.e. Workshop #4, built by Huayi was officially put into operation, and the first validation batch of liquid preparation was put into production on October 8, indicating Huayi’s successful expansion of business scope from tablets and hard capsules to oral liquids.

The current annual capacity of Oral Liquid Preparation Workshop is 6 million bottles. Its Solution Preparation Room is equipped with 500L Concentrated Preparation Tank and 2000L Dilute Preparation Tank, allowing the manufacturing of solutions with different process requirements. At present, there are two bottle filling lines of glass bottle and wash-free bottle (plastic) with bottle volumes varying from 100ml to 300ml.

With the operation of Oral Liquid Preparation Workshop, the company can produce submission batches for contract R&D projects and commercial batches for contract transfer projects.