Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Anhui Yongshengtang Pharma

On September 12, a strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held between Huayi Pharma and Anhui Yongshengtang Pharma. Li Gang, Deputy Governor of Linquan County, Zhou Jinshan, General manager of Yongshengtang Pharmaceutical, Xia Yunxi, Vice General Manager of Yongshengtang Pharmaceutical, Gao Yu, chairman of Huayi Pharmaceutical and the company’s management personnel, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the business general manager Zhou Chaoxun introduced the development of Huayi. After that, Zhou Jinshan, general manager of Anhui Yongshengtang, highly affirmed Huayi’s perfect quality system, professional production experience and high-quality technical team, expressed sincere gratitude to Huayi’s generosity in sharing accumulated resource and experience and highly recognized the development and achievements of Huayi. Both sides are full of confidence in the cooperation and future development!

Gao Yu, chairman of Huayi Pharma, said that the two companies will make full use of each other’s core advantages, share resources and experience, respond to market changes with closer cooperation to achieve common development goals, further more find the approach to cooperation on the basis of deep mutual trust and close coordination and quickly enrich the connotation of strategic cooperation to achieve win-win.

At the end of the meeting, Zhou Jinshan, General Manager of Anhui Yongshengtang Pharma signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Gao Yu, Chairman and General Manager of Huayi Pharma, and took a photo together.

For deeper understanding towards Huayi, the Chairman Gao Yu led the Deputy Governor of Linquan County Li Gang, the General Manager Zhou Jinshan and accompanying personnel to successively visit Huayi’s utility system and Technical Center in the afternoon.

This strategic cooperation is of great significance and will help providing efficient, compliant, top-quality and comprehensive pharmaceutical products through Huayi’s one-stop CDMO platform. With the expectation on long-term cooperation and development, seeking progress while maintaining stability and forging ahead with innovation, Huayi will continue to adhere to the corporate value of “create value and benefit for the world”, insist on “making high quality drugs at affordable cost”, and both parties will work together to create a better future!