Oseltamivir Phosphate Granules (MAH: Zorun Pharma) validated in Huayi approved!

Oseltamivir Phosphate 0.9mg Granules (MAH: Zorun Pharma) validated in Huayi Pharma have been approved!

Oseltamivir phosphate is a specific inhibitor of neuraminidase, which can block the spread of mature influenza cells in the human body by inhibiting neuraminidase, so as to play a role in controlling influenza virus. Oseltamivir phosphate is used clinically to treat influenza A and influenza B.

Huayi Pharma relies on the platform with R&D experienced technical team, possesses rich experience to get the product being approved and integrated management process, meeting the diversified R&D and production demand. Meanwhile, the team continues to take its advantage of profession and experience to actively support the successful approval of Oseltamivir phosphate granules by NMPA. It is the second NMPA approved product for Zorun Pharma under the assistance of Huayi. In the future, Huayi will enhance its own strength, continuously innovate, and provide high-quality, professional, and efficient product services to more customers, helping their products to successfully obtain approval and be launched on the market!