Completion of Main Structure Construction for Phase I Preparation Building in the New Site!

At the construction site of Phase I preparation building of the new site (Shenyang road site) of Huayi Pharma on January 13, 2023, the company leaders and representatives of the construction units were here to jointly witness this historic moment of special significance in the development history of Huayi Pharma with firecrackers fired and thunderous applause.

With the completion of the last piece of concrete pouring at 10:58 a.m., the main structure construction of phase I preparation building of the new site of Huayi Pharma was fully completed, leaders from all parties invited expressed their warm congratulations and the builders celebrated with us, which marked that the project construction enters the sprint stage.

Phase I preparation building of the new site (Shenyang road site) of Huayi Pharma

Since the foundation laid on September 24, 2022, the builders of the new site of Huayi Pharma have overcome numerous difficulties and speed up the construction to build the phase I preparation building of the new site (Shenyang road site) as expected.

This is only the first step of the project construction, the company will further strictly control the quality, strengthen safety management, speed up the construction progress, strive to put into production ASAP and promote the development of Hefei pharmaceutical enterprises.


The new site covers an area of 46.8 acres, and the phase I building includes 1# preparation building, comprehensive warehouse, hazardous warehouse, hazardous waste store, power center, sewage treatment station, guard room etc. For the project phase I, floor area of about 34,076 square meters is proposed to be built, including oral liquid production workshop with a capacity up to 100 million bottles, common oral solid preparation workshop with a capacity of 13 billion tablets; reserved workshop of about 18,000 square meters as product dedicated, automated three-dimensional warehouse with 16,000 standard pallet racks. This represents the landing of Huayi’s strategic planning, and is an important link for Huayi to expand its brand influence, carrying Huayi’s unremitting pursuit of high product quality and production capacity rising, and is the measure taken by Huayi to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The new site is expected to be fully put into operation in 2024. In the future, Huayi will continue its control for quality, responsibility for customers and commitment for market, striving for excellence and providing high-quality R&D and production services.