Huayi Pharmaceuticals won the title of “Green Factory in Anhui Province”

On November 15th, 2020, Huayi won the honor during the awarding ceremony for the 2020 “Green Factory in Anhui Province” held by Hefei Economic and Information Technology Bureau at the 9th Anhui Industrial Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection “Four New (i.e. new products, new technologies, new equipment, new materials)” (China Environment Valley) Promotion Conference.

Since the establishment, Huayi has practiced the principles of land conservation, harmless starting materials, clean production, waste recycling and low-carbon energy. Ecological design has been implemented in the plant to significantly improve product energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon level and meanwhile a green supply chain has been built and a resource-saving-oriented procurement, production, marketing and logistics channel has been established. In the future, the company will continue to fulfill the mission of “Green Factory” and contribute to the national energy conservation and emission reduction work.